TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap is a decision support system that guides R&D projects, cooperation between universities and the defence industry, and academic work in order for TUSAŞ to achieve its strategic goals. Through TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap, TUSAŞ keeps track of future technologies and other necessary competencies to be acquired in line with the strategic goals of our defense industry.

Within the scope of the latest update, information on the acquisition procedures and justifications of technology topics, as well as the evaluations of relevant field experts are recorded for questions such as time, intended use, platform relationship, restrictive regulations, possible stakeholders and target platforms/processes. TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap includes not only the studies foreseen to be conducted by TUSAŞ, but also the technology topics developed by external technology focal points with which TUSAŞ cooperates or may cooperate, and which are predicted to be used in TUSAŞ products.


TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap ensures the continuous collection of comprehensive and up-to-date information with its processes that were digitized in 2023. Its framework enables instant analysis and is accessible to all employees. In addition to the information obtained from the product groups, the latest developments in the defense and aerospace industries are tracked, publications and patents of stakeholder companies in related industries are followed, technology trends are researched, and forecasting activities are carried to solve emerging requirements. The data collected as a result of these comprehensive activities are analyzed and evaluated within TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap.

Progressing Technologies

Refers to technology topics that are assessed to be acquired in the short or medium term.

Maturing Technologies

Refers to technology topics for which the acquisition method and/or plan is not clear, but are assessed to be followed up and elaborated in order to be acquired in the medium or long term.

Future Technologies

Refers to technology topics where it is assessed that developments in the relevant fields should be followed up and plans for their acquisition should be addressed in the medium term.

Systems Related Technologies
  • Lethality and Platform Protection
  • Propulsion and Power Systems
  • Design Technologies for Platforms and Weapons
  • Electronic Warfare and Directed Energy Technologies
  • Trace Control and Trace Reduction
  • Sensing Systems
  • Guidance Control Systems for Weapons and Platforms
  • Simulators, Educational and Synthetic Environments
  • Integrated System Technology
  • Technologies Related to Communication and Command Information Systems
  • Personnel Protection Systems
  • Manufacturing Processes/Design Tools/Systems
  • Digitalization and Industrial Transformation
  • Cyber Security Solutions
Systems and Products
  • Defense Analyses
  • Integrated Platforms
  • Weapons and Weapon Systems
  • Facilities and Installations
  • Equipped Personnel
  • Battlefield Information
  • Business Processes
  • Cyber Security Services and Operations
Fundamental Technologies
  • Structural and Smart Materials and Structural Mechanics
  • Trace Related Materials
  • Photonic/Optical Material and Device Technologies
  • Electronic, Electrical and Electromechanical Device Technologies
  • Energetic Materials and Plasma Technologies
  • Chemical, Biological and Medical Materials
  • Information Technologies and Mathematical Techniques
  • Information and Signal Processing Technologies
  • Human Sciences
  • Mechanical, Thermal and Fluid-Related Technology and Devices

Technology Roadmap in Numbers

The taxonomic distribution of the technology topics in TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap is presented in the graph.