TUSAS follows up the technologies of the future and the competencies required in line with the strategic objectives of our defense industry by the Technology Roadmap (TRM)  Updated based on the opinions of the subject matter experts, the TUSAS Technology Roadmap is the basic planning tool that drives the R&D projects implemented to achieve our strategic goals, University-Industry Collaboration areas and academic study topic.


Updates include the evaluation of the inputs of all product groups and identification of technological subjects aimed to be acquired. How and when to acquire the identified subjects is defined in the TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap Acquisition Plan.


The TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap Acquisition Plan includes the relevant technology subjects, answering the questions of how and when to acquire them and recording all the inputs.  The plan also features technology subjects developed not only by TUSAS but also the external technology groups cooperating with TUSAS, and aimed to be used in TUSAS products.


All inputs in the TUSAŞ Technology Roadmap Acquisition Plan are evaluated, and all goals including such as acquisition of the relevant technology subjects, determination of related academic studies and the creation of R&D projects are discussed holistically.